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Machine parts for the medical device industry

We specialise in manufacturing and supplying machine parts, as well as constructing machine sections and complete machines for the medical device industry.


Machine parts for specialised industry

One of our main areas of work is the manufacture of machine parts, as well as constructing machine sections and complete custom machinery.

Machine construction usually happens from scratch based on the customer’s drawings, or we also help with drawings.

If it is a case of the production of purpose-built machines, they are delivered either as individual parts or fully assembled.

Møllers Værktøjsfremstilling often carries out the assembly and mounting of machine parts, either at the company’s own Assembly Department or out at the customer’s location. We also build complete machine sections and custom machines.

We are suppliers to all the machine manufacturers in the whole of Denmark.


Fixture construction

We make fixtures for clamping/tightening and produce machining and custom fixtures for individual components, as well as prototypes.

We are often involved in the entire process from start to finish.


Batch production

In addition to the manufacture of machine parts, Møllers Værktøjsfremstilling can do batch production runs of a wide range of different components and items. Batch production includes all types of items as both turning and milling work. Møllers Værktøjsfremstilling can make milling grooves based on customers’ DXF/IGES files, and manufacture batch productions ranging from only a few components up to several thousand in all types of metal and plastic material.

Thanks to the company’s state-of-the-art production equipment and strict quality control, the batch-produced items live up to the very highest requirements for tolerances, machining finish and general product quality.

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